In the early 1980s when powerful so-called super-computers were just becoming realised, communication and information technologies were still developing and were much less sophisticated than we know them now. more

May 23, 2017 11:02 AM guest blog

The electric car company Tesla recently (and briefly) overtook General Motors as America’s most valued car maker. more

May 23, 2017 10:36 AM nadeem rizvi blog

Despite having worked for many years in robotics and automation, a field dedicated to replacing human labour by that of machines, I have so far not caused anyone to lose their livelihoods. more

May 23, 2017 10:08 AM duc pham blog

What Happens when Fabrication and Assembly Based Firms Embrace

Emerging technology based medical devices undergo a series of clinical trials phases before being approved in the United States, Europe and many other regions and nations. more

Mar 29, 2017 10:09 AM Steve Walsh's column

Humanity faces many challenges. For the first time, we possess the knowledge and technology to meet these challenges. more

Mar 29, 2017 9:21 AM guest blog

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