Superior positioning resolution and linearity with direct-metrology capacitive sensor. more

Sep 13, 2017 10:17 AM machining

Ultra-precision design with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications. more

Feb 27, 2017 1:16 PM machining

Infinite Field of View (IFOV) seamlessly combines scanner and servo motion to expand the scanner working area. more

Nov 2, 2016 12:11 PM micro manufacturing

Aerotech’s PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now available in new sizes and with new features and significantly improved performance. more

Sep 1, 2016 2:40 PM micro manufacturing

Aerotech’s QFOCUS QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stage series enables microscope objective and optics positioning at high-speeds with nanometer-level performance. more

Jul 27, 2016 10:47 AM micro manufacturing

Aerotech’s HexGen hexapods represent a significant advance in six-degree-of-freedom positioning performance. more

Apr 6, 2016 3:16 PM machining

Aerotech’s ETC servo tracking control feature facilitates breakthrough laser optical device fabrication. more

Dec 12, 2014 4:37 PM lasers

Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. more

Aug 21, 2014 4:54 PM

Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25 nm. more

Jun 2, 2014 2:20 PM

Aerotech’s MPS-SV series lift stages provide high-performance elevation motion in a compact, cost-effective design. more

Oct 1, 2013 4:10 PM

Aerotech’s ANT-L-Z crossed-roller, Z-axis, nanopositioning stages are the best-in-class in combining speed, accuracy, resolution, repeatability, reliability and size. They are offered in two models (ANT95-L-Z and ANT130-L-Z) and two accuracy grades. more

May 1, 2013 10:34 AM machining

AGR series motorised rotary stages provide significant improvements in speed, load capacity and long-term positioning performance over previous generations of worm-gear-drive stages. more

Apr 4, 2013 4:47 PM

The nano Motion Technology catalog presents Aerotech’s unique long-travel nanopositioners for applications requiring nanometer and sub-arc-second accuracies and that are suitable for both laboratory and industrial applications. more

Oct 29, 2012 11:57 AM machining