ALIO Industries

6-D Laser LLC was formed in 2018 as an affiliate of leading nanometer-level motion control specialist ALIO Industries, with the mission of integrating ultrafast laser processing with precision multi-axis motion systems. Read more


Meeting the demand for ever more precise rotary motion control Read more


There are times when technological advancements are such that they necessitate a root and branch change in the language and nature of discussion associated with them. Read more


In response to the demand from industry for more and more versatile and accurate motion control systems, ALIO Industries has just received a US patent on the next generation Hybrid Hexapod® technology Read more

micro manufacturing

ALIO Industries, Inc. based in Arvada Colorado, an innovator in Nano Technology motion systems, was awarded the first of several US patents for the novel Hybrid Hexapod®. Read more

micro manufacturing

ALIO has opened new headquarters in Arvada, Colorado. Being equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, it sets a milestone in the history of ALIO Industries. Read more


Hybrid Hexapods Resolve Inherent Weaknesses of Conventional Hexapods, Enabling Applications that Require Two Orders of Magnitude Better Positional Repeatability Read more


ALIO has a dedicated team of professional building over 300 standard True Nano Precision motion system products with 6-D Point Precision for the global nano precision market. Read more