Heason Technology

Spinea’s DriveSpin (DS) range of ultra-compact and high-torque rotary positioning actuators integrate an AC servomotor and feedback device with the well-proven TwinSpin high-load capacity reduction gear unit. Read more

micro manufacturing

Kollmorgen’s ICH series iron-core linear motors are aimed at high precision positioning applications that require extremely high speeds and accelerations for maximum production throughput. Read more

moulding & tooling

The recently launched SVTS B Series (SRC 032M) series IP65 sealed slip ring assembly is specifically designed to meet the needs of latest technology flowpack packaging machines. Read more

micro manufacturing

At Drives and Controls 2016 Heason Technology will present its capability for the complete design and build of customised motion systems with a fully functioning hexapod demonstration. Read more


Dover Motion’s recently announced XMG series miniature micro positioning stages feature a new cutting-edge linear motor design that delivers up to five times more force and twice the force density when compared to similar competitive products. Read more


Heason Technology continues to strengthen its customer-focused motion systems integration expertise with the appointment of Andrew Dowell as Regional Sales Manager. Read more

Heason Technology, the leading motion control equipment and systems specialist, has expanded and strengthened its technical sales and support team with the recent appointment of Tom Wells in a newly created Application Engineering role. Read more