Vision Engineering are pleased to announce the launch of a new digital handheld magnifier at this year’s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show. more

Jan 17, 2018 10:02 AM metrology

Alicona, the market leader in Optical Metrology and 3D Surface Metrology have increased their surface metrology range with an automated measurement solution based on their range of measurement systems. more

Jan 4, 2018 10:24 AM metrology

This October in Abu Dhabi, a team from Mitutoyo UK was privileged to support a large proportion of around 1,300 young people representing almost 60 countries competing in the WorldSkills 2017 competition. more

Dec 13, 2017 2:50 PM metrology

A complex component incorporating four long slots among other features was posing problems for Timo Lehmann, the CEO of Karlheinz Lehmann GmbH in Oberwolfach, Germany. more

Dec 6, 2017 10:57 AM metrology

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems, announces the digiVIT digital variable impedance transducer. more

Nov 29, 2017 10:46 AM metrology

The production of hand-held measuring equipment means large volumes and high demands on the accuracy of the workpieces. more

Nov 28, 2017 3:41 PM metrology

ZEISS is extending the boundaries of non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging with the newest release of its diffraction contrast tomography platform, LabDCT. more

Nov 24, 2017 5:16 PM metrology

A South Derbyshire company has reaffirmed its commitment to putting its staff and clients first by earning a globally recognised business management standard. more

Nov 22, 2017 10:18 PM metrology

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) Invites researchers and developers to compete for the renown AMA Innovation Award for 2018. more

Nov 21, 2017 12:38 PM events

The new VHX-6000 series digital microscope integrates next-generation adaptive multi-lighting, advanced auto-focussing and high-definition imaging in an all-in-one system that will streamline and simplify quality inspection across all industries. more

Nov 8, 2017 4:22 PM metrology

The L.S. Starrett Company has announced the introduction of the HVR100-FLIP, an innovative new large field-of-vision (FOV) Benchtop Vision Measurement System that is capable of being used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. more

Nov 2, 2017 6:20 PM metrology

Bruker has released the NanoMechanics Lab, a suite of force-mapping modes that enable Dimension FastScan and Icon AFM systems to perform quantitative nanoscale characterization, extending from soft hydrogels and polymers to stiff metals and ceramics. more

Oct 31, 2017 12:31 PM metrology

Even first-time users can produce superior images and reliable measurements. more

Oct 26, 2017 3:42 PM metrology

Widely recognised as the world leader in the design and manufacture of transmission and drive train technology, Xtrac has built its business and reputation on a passion for innovation, precision and quality. more

Oct 25, 2017 12:34 PM metrology

18 months on from the move into a new purpose built facility Optimax Imaging Inspection and Measurement Ltd has extended their product range to encompass Force Measurement, shaft measurement and cylinder inspection. more

Oct 24, 2017 12:18 PM metrology

Nanotechnology might seem cutting edge, but humans have actually been experimenting with nanomaterials for hundreds of years – albeit accidentally. more

Oct 18, 2017 12:04 PM metrology

The Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. as introduced a new range of miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors, offering cost-effective force, displacement, pressure, strain and acceleration measurements. more

Oct 10, 2017 12:14 PM metrology

Vision Engineering Ltd.exhibited a range of new visual inspection and non-contact measuring systems at this year’s EMO Show in Hannover in Germany. more

Sep 27, 2017 4:54 PM metrology

Sensofar Metrology has announced a new addition to their high-end non-contact 3D surface metrology systems, the Five Axis. more

Sep 8, 2017 5:33 PM lasers

Olympus’ MX63 and MX63L microscopes make large industrial sample inspection quick and easy. more

Aug 18, 2017 11:20 PM metrology